Shepherding You To Medical Freedom

Where traditional medicine meets affordable, accessible, holistic healthcare


Shepherding You To Medical Freedom

Where traditional medicine meets affordable, accessible, holistic healthcare


Shepherding You To Medical Freedom

Where traditional medicine meets affordable, accessible, holistic healthcare

Healthcare When & Where You Need It
24/7 by phone, video, text, or email
Flexible office visits!

Need an Urgent Care Visit?
We offer same or next-day
urgent care visits for only $99

Tired of Being Rushed Out of the Doctor’s Office?

You know the routine. You setup an appointment weeks away, get to the office and you end up waiting. To make matters worse, the doctor only sees you for 5 minutes.

At Body of Health, we do things differently. We believe relationships matter.

We’re not bound by the medical-industrial complex or the overly restrictive, burdensome red-tape of insurance providers, which means you aren’t bound by traditional in-office visits. Instead, we’re free to spend as much time as needed on the thing that matters most to you: your health.

And you are free to choose in-person appointments or convenient virtual consults.


Personalized Healthcare, When & Where You Need It.

Concierge Service
Your Personal Physician
Virtual & In-Person Visits
Same/Next-Day Appointments
Wholesale Meds, Labs & More
Simple, Transparent Pricing
Your Primary Care Home
Urgent Care Services
OB-GYN Specialty
No Enrollment Fees
Wellness Coaching
Annual Physicals

You’re Not a Number. You Are Our #1 Priority!

After decades of experience in the medical industry, we noticed a problem. People were paying a fortune for sub-par health insurance that had way too much authority over their health. Patients would be put on waiting lists only to be told they couldn’t have a necessary procedure, all while their life savings was dwindling away.

But now you have a better choice!

At Body of Health™, we offer personalized healthcare that is both affordable and accessible! We and our team act as your shepherd for everything health and wellness. Let us lead you through the labyrinth that is modern-day medicine, so you can come out the other side with a healthier body and peace of mind.

Drs. Randy Tobler, MD & Heliene Tobler, Ph.D.

What is Body of Health?

Body of Health is your personal health and wellness shepherd, consisting of a team of premier medical doctors and holistic practitioners, offering general medical services, lifestyle-focused advice, and specialized women’s healthcare. We prioritize you, rather than the insurance companies. If you need a short-notice appointment, we offer same-day virtual appointments and same or next-day appointments in person.


Concierge Services

  • Same-day or next-day virtual/in-person appointments
  • 24/7 telehealth visits
  • Call or text your doctor anytime
  • Off-hours appointments


Medical Services

  • In-office urgent care
  • Diagnose & prescribe appropriate treatments & meds
  • Order labs & radiological imaging
  • Preventative care


Health & Wellness

  • A whole-body approach to your wellness
  • Initial “Wellness Inventory” checkup
  • Food and lifestyle coaching
  • Teaching “Food is Medicine”

Membership Starting At $99



  • Call or text your doctor anytime
  • Same or next-day appointments
  • In-office urgent care included


As your health & wellness shepherds, we’re revolutionizing healthcare and taking back control from the medical-industrial complex. With Body of Health, we’re able to give you back:

  • Your medical freedom

  • A say in your healthcare choices

  • Access to excellent, timely healthcare

  • A holistic approach to your wellness

Convenient College Care

For verified & active students

You have enough to worry about with your student away at school. Worrying about their healthcare shouldn’t be one of them. Enrolling them with Body of Health’s affordable Direct Primary Care model gives them 24/7 access to a personal doctor via text, phone call, email, or video visits. And this includes physical and mental healthcare and wellness, plus urgent care services. Save money and stop worrying. After all, healthcare for your student’s arm or leg shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.